Tokoriki for two

An adults-only escape to Tokoriki Island Resort



At the top end of the accommodation market, there’s an assumption that luxury resorts deliver an experience that reflects their premium price. In most cases they do. But while first-class accommodation, a picture postcard setting and impeccable service are the norm, each has its own distinct character. At Tokoriki Island Resort, it’s very much about relaxed island luxury with a personal touch. Professional, polished and at the same time, friendly and fun.


Everyone knows your name

Remember Cheers, the long-running American sitcom from 1980’s. If so, you’ll recall Cheers bar being the place where “Everybody knows your name” - a place where you always felt at home.

Tokoriki Island Resort has taken a leaf out of that book and run with it. The maximum number of guests on the island at any one time is 72, but somehow every staff member remembers your name from the day you arrive.

Hi Matt. Hi Fran. How has your day been Matt? Is there anything I can help you with Fran? It’s amazing how much effort each staff member puts into making your time on the island special and knowing your name is a reflection of that. It’s not to say that the service is casual either. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The staff are five-star efficient, but they also take a genuine interest in who you are and where you come from. And of course it comes with a big Fijian smile. Needless to say you’ll leave the island feeling like you’re one of the family.


Tokoriki Island Resort is set up for pure relaxation. The villas are all absolute beachfront. They sit amongst lush meticulously maintained gardens that provide a tranquil setting that instantly puts you at ease. And the beautiful foliage provides a natural screen between each villa, so you can sit back on the deck, or dip in the plunge pool and not see another soul all day. In front of each villa there’s a private track to the beach, which means guests never have to walk past their neighbour’s villa.


Food Glorious Food

Running a restaurant on an island resort comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, there’s no popping down to the shop if you’re running low on something. While some island resorts can struggle to produce rst-class cuisine on a consistent basis, the team at Tokoriki Island Resort seem to create dish after amazing dish with relative ease. (Although I’m sure
their success comes down to a lot of hard work and careful planning). They deliver variety, freshness and creativity. And with a Fijian head chef who spent a number of years cooking in Vietnam, there’s a fabulous Asian twist running through the menu. On top of that the resort has a charming teppanyaki "hut" called Oshii, where four couples can sit back and enjoy the live culinary entertainment along with the delectable Japanese cuisine.


Fly in. Fly out

The Fijians have got island transfers well and truly sorted. Out of Port Denarau there are numerous ferries running back and forth to the islands in the Mamanuca Group. Tokoriki Island Resort is one of the stop-off points. When the ferry arrives it sits just off Tokoriki’s fringing
reef, and the guys at the resort will pick you and your luggage up and whisk you back to the resort in no time at all. The other more extravagant transfer option is going by helicopter with local operator Island Hoppers. Yes it’s a luxury, but here’s the thing. If you’re having a quick break on the island, and want to make the most of every hour – you can get on board at Nadi International Airport and 12 minutes later you’ll be touching down on the Tokoriki Island Resort jetty. I say do it!


Spa bliss

Step inside Tokoriki Island Resort’s spa and any lingering stress you arrived with will melt away. Tranquil ponds mix with lush tropical green, stepping stone walkways and the sound of trickling water. The resort has also come up with an unlimited three-day massage package. As the name suggests, guests can enjoy Fijian bobo, bamboo and aromatic massages, head, neck and shoulder massages, and hand and foot massages to their heart's content. You’ll be floating on a cloud all day long.

Islandtime Magazine Tokoriki Island Resort

A tree for Number 10

At the end of any resort experience, the big question is – would you go back? The real question should be "Did you go back?" At Tokoriki Island Resort this gets answered time and time again by an exceptionally high number of devoted return guests. One Kiwi couple have set the resort record by staying more than 50 times! That’s a tough number to top, but plenty of guests have stayed at the resort more than 10 times. And on visit number 10, the resort holds a special ceremony where that couple get to plant "their" tree in a garden, alongside the trees of other guests who have made double figures.

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Leading from the top

In any business or organisation, success always starts at the top. And at Tokoriki Island Resort they have two first class managers leading the way. Rob Ring and Patrice Belle are the Australian couple who have led the resort team for the last seven years. It’s fair to say the whole feel of the resort reflects their passion for great service, meticulous attention to detail and their relaxed way with people.

Seven years is a long time for any management team to stay in one place, but when you talk to Rob and Patrice it’s abundantly clear that the resort is their home, rather than workplace. The staff are family, rather than employees. They really do love it there and it shows.

Islandtime Magazine Tokoriki Island Resort

With a not a kid in sight, Tokoriki Island is heaven for honeymooners and couples in need of a romantic getaway or recharge. Everything about the experience is exceptional, from the stunning setting to the memorable service. The only real downside is sooner or later you have to leave.